GSC1 Salt Chorinator

The GPOOL GSC1 salt chlorinator applied advanced micro-computer technoligy, to provide the most energy saving and environmental friendly method to sanitize samll and medium pools. To achieve this simple,smart and safe chlorine production,all the chlorinator require is only salt.

Featured Highlights:
Simple to use,simple to operate,install,and simple to operate,and simple to maintain.
Smart adjustment
Chlorine output is adjustable from 20% to 100% by simply pressing two buttons,satisfying different needs for different pools Smart cleaning
Self-cleaning function by reversing the polarity automatically, which prevents calcium from accumulating and therefore prolong the cell's lifetime
Smart alarm
Fault auto alarm with error code,which is easy to find corresponding solutions.
Smart protection
When the water temperature is too high or two low,the chlorinator will automatically stop running,in order to protect the unit and prolong the cell's lift.The integrated sensors in the cell also ensure that water flow is adequate for safe chlorine generatation
Smart memory system
Each time the chlorinator restarts,it can automatically initiate the last work status,with this smart memory fuction
Safe disinfection,safe water quality,and safe workign voltage