Mypools Designworks Sdn. Bhd.

About our work

Our Company

Mypools Designworks has specialised in the design and construction of concrete swimming pools since last decade. We has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, becoming one of the most rapidly expanding local pool specialists. We have become a market leader by combining intelligent design and quality materials with a highly skilled team dedicated to turning dreams into reality.

Innovative craftmanship is the backbone of Mypools Designworks service. With nearly 15 years experience, we have been constructing pools using a comprehensive and unique approach to each and every one. We use only the very best products and equipment. Our key relationship with industry leading manufacturers ensure our products are reinforced with the best quality, latest technology and unrivalled warranties and support.

We offer free expert advice before you choose your builder. Mypools Designworks helps many pool buyers in evaluating what they do and don't want, even before they decide to build with us. We are happy to offer sound advice ahead of any sales pitch. It's an approach that has contributed to our long standing reputation for INTEGRITY in the industry.

Right from the start, we have always quested to match the aesthetics with durability. We do this by blending art and science, using high quality, cost effective materials that will stand the test of time. While we are artists at heart, we also build things to last. Expect beauty that doesn't fade with age from us. We create designs that match your personalities and collaborate closely with you throughout the entire process, leaving you beaming with pride every time you look at what we've built together.

Most importantly, we build our relationship with our clients like we build our pools - STURDY and LONG LASTING!!!